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Sun Broadcast Group will utilize Nielsen Media Impact to quantify the effect of adding Network Radio to Media Plans

Today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced that Sun Broadcast Group has expanded its relationship to licensing Nielsen Media Impact (NMI) powered by Nielsen’s Total Media Fusion. Nielsen Media Impact is a cross-platform media planning and optimization solution that helps clients understand total campaign reach, frequency, and duplication using advanced audience segments. Nielsen Media Impact will enable Sun Broadcast Group to demonstrate the value that its unique audiences bring to an advertiser’s media plan and illustrate radio’s incremental reach.

“With Nielsen Media Impact, we can show advertisers the effect on overall campaign reach and frequency when money is moved between media,” said Jay Bailey, President, and Founder, Sun Broadcast Group. “As we continue to expand our footprint to better serve our affiliates, advertisers and partners across the country, the usage of Nielsen Media Impact will have a vital part in evaluating the efficiency of our plans and demonstrating the true value of radio in driving sales.”

Nielsen Media Impact is a personalized media planning solution that enables cost-effective decision making about where and when to engage audiences with content and advertising. For national planning, Nielsen Media Impact uses respondent-level data from Nielsen’s Total Media Fusion, which includes TV, video-on-demand (VOD), subscription VOD (SVOD), TV-connected device, digital, digital-place based, print, radio, and cinema. Nielsen national radio data within Nielsen Media Impact allows buyers and sellers to understand the value of radio as a medium at the national level and the incremental reach achieved by including national radio in the media mix. Along with the ability to compare radio with other national media, radio within NMI is flexible and includes several market breaks, including custom dayparts, radio formats, owner groups, and RADAR networks.

One Platform. All Media. Nielsen’s Total Media Fusion, the data fueling Nielsen Media Impact, incorporates the most granular respondent-level data from Nielsen measurement panels along with U.S. census calibration for the most comprehensive view of the media landscape in one data set.

“We are pleased to welcome Sun Broadcast Group as a subscriber to Nielsen Media Impact,” said Brad Kelly, Managing Director, Nielsen Audio. “The media landscape is evolving quickly. Cross-platform planning and buying are becoming ‘table stakes’ with big advertisers. Equipped with this powerful new Nielsen solution, Sun Broadcast Group will be using real data to effectively demonstrate how its radio assets can supplement and amplify the effectiveness of TV ad campaigns.”


Nielsen Holdings plc (NYSE: NLSN) is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide. Our approach marries proprietary Nielsen data with other data sources to help clients around the world understand what’s happening now, what’s happening next, and how to best act on this knowledge. For more than 90 years Nielsen has provided data and analytics based on scientific rigor and innovation, continually developing new ways to answer the most important questions facing the media, advertising, retail, and fast-moving consumer goods industries. An S&P 500 company, Nielsen has operations in over 100 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit www.nielsen.com.


Named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine three years in a row, Sun Broadcast Group is a national radio network reaching over 205 million listeners through its more than 5,500 affiliates in both English and Spanish-language. Headquartered in New York City and with offices in Boston and Boca Raton, FL, Sun offers ad sales representation, syndication, and programming support to producers, hosts and radio networks nationwide. Its growing program and sales offerings include the Sun Select RADAR® Network, The Hit List with Fitz, Country Fried Mix, The Michael Baisden Show, The Jim Brickman Show, Retro Pop Reunion, Throwback Nation Radio, Woody & Wilcox and many more.

SOURCE Nielsen

Web Site: http://www.nielsen.com

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Nielsen Expands Nielsen Media Impact To Include Radio
Posted by:Consultant, November - 29 - 2018

Nielsen Expands Nielsen Media Impact To Include Radio

Enhances Cross-Platform Media Planning Solution

Today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced that Nielsen Media Impact (NMI) is expanding to include Radio as a media type available within its leading national cross-media planning and optimization solution. Nielsen Media Impact is a cross-platform planning solution available at a local and national level that allows users to understand cross-media reach, frequency, and duplication using advanced audience segments. This enables agencies, media owners, and advertisers to reach their desired audience with cost-effective media plans.

The Radio data will be derived from Nielsen’s National Regional Database (NRD) comprising Portable People Meter (PPM) and diary data. Nielsen national radio data within Nielsen Media Impact allows buyers and sellers to understand the value of radio as a medium at the national level and the incremental reach achieved by including national radio in the media mix. Along with the ability to compare radio with other national media, radio within Nielsen Media Impact is flexible and includes several market breaks, including Custom Dayparts, Radio Formats, Owner Groups and RADAR Networks.

“Having radio data incorporated into Nielsen Media Impact fills a clear need we have heard from the market,” said Jay Nielsen, VP, Product Leadership, Nielsen. “This enables clients to understand a more complete picture around advertising efficiencies across the media that consumers spend time with the most.”

“As the leading audio company in America with over a quarter of a billion monthly listeners on broadcast radio alone, we believe that including radio in Nielsen’s Media Impact offers a needed resource, enabling true comprehensive, cross-platform and cost-effective media plans for our national clients,” said Brian Kaminsky, President Revenue and Data Operations | iHeartMedia.

One Platform. All Media. Nielsen’s Total Media Fusion, the data fueling Nielsen Media Impact, incorporates the most granular respondent-level data from Nielsen measurement panels along with census calibration for the most comprehensive view of the media landscape in one data set. This means access to the de-duplicated insights necessary to make the most informed cross-platform decisions about where and when to engage your audience with advertising. The Total Media Fusion incorporates the following data: TV, radio, VOD, SVOD, mobile, tablet, desktop, print, cinema and digital place-based media.

Earlier this year, Nielsen launched Local Nielsen Media Impact, a local planning and optimization tool available in the 25 DMAs with Local People Meter (LPM) data, which included radio listening from the PPM’s in those markets. Having radio data in both national and local planning tools will give clients access to more comprehensive data for cross-media planning.

SOURCE Nielsen


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Nielsen Examines The Digital Habits And Impact Of Black Consumers
Posted by:Consultant, October - 12 - 2018

More than half of African Americans were born and raised in the digital age, changing the face of brand engagement, content creation, and consumption in the U.S.

African American consumers are enjoying a remarkable period of influence, cultural expression, and entrepreneurship that is manifesting digitally and trending mainstream, according to global researcher Nielsen. With the highest smartphone ownership and usage of any demographic group and an unyielding desire for self-expression and image control, African Americans are leveraging digital platforms and technology to move from consumers to creators–of platforms, products, content, and financial ecosystems.

According to From Consumers to Creators: The Digital Lives of Black Consumers,” the eighth annual report in Nielsen’s Diverse Intelligence Series on African American consumers, Black influence on the economy and pop culture has been intensified by participation in the digital universe and adoption of social media and technology platforms. From video streaming and podcasting to gaming and shopping for food online, African Americans are leaning into digital know-how and open-source innovation—with an unprecedented impact on brands, elections and what the country watches, buys and listens to. Black consumers are boldly galvanizing in the digi-sphere to critique, connect, collaborate and create.

Nielsen’s 2018 Diverse Intelligence Series Report “From Consumers to Creators: The Digital Lives of Black Consumers” (PRNewsfoto/Nielsen)

“African Americans are leveraging innovations in technology and social platforms to level the playing field and get ahead in a marketplace unencumbered by corporate barriers to entry,” said Cheryl Grace, Senior Vice President of U.S. Strategic Community Alliances and Consumer Engagement, Nielsen. “African American influence has long resonated cross-culturally, and now it’s being delivered directly from creator to consumer. Give talented, creative people unobstructed access to the world stage and, inevitably, they will shine.”

African Americans, representing 14% of the U.S. population (47.4 million), are using unfettered access to technology as a means to broaden their reach and express themselves on their own terms. Streaming is a primary source of entertainment for African Americans. They stream videos more frequently on all devices than the total population, especially on phones. Black consumers’ music streaming habits played a key role in R&B/Hip-Hop unseating Rock as the No. 1 music genre in the U.S. in 2017.

African American shopping habits also are shifting in the digital age. According to the report, that is incredibly important to brands because African American buying power is at $1.3 trillion currently and based on gains in population, income, and education, it’s estimated to rise to $1.54 trillion by 2022. More than half (54%) of all African Americans have lived their entire lives in the digital age. These tech-savvy Gen X, Millennial and Gen-Z consumers represent a coveted market segment whose interconnectivity is central to their everyday lives—particularly the product purchase cycle. The report urges smart marketers to recognize this shift from consumer to the creator and offers insights on building new inroads to this culturally conscious and digitally native consumer segment.

One digital creator highlighted in the report is actor, activist, and digital gaming co-creator Jesse Williams. He shared, “as a company, Visibility knows that our strengths are also the market’s weaknesses: Black ownership of Black creativity. Technology is an opportunity to make decisions that no longer divorce people from their power. We set out to empower our culture–to lead and learn without fear.”

The report, launched today at the Congressional Black Caucus 48th Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., examines how African Americans are leveraging digital to bypass traditional barriers to entry in every arena from finding culturally relevant news, entertainment, products and services to content creation and political engagement.

Key findings include:

  • 90% of African Americans live in a household that owns a smartphone and have a higher weekly reach for social networking on a smartphone (75%), as well as watching video on a smartphone (66%) and audio streaming on a smartphone (45%).
  • 19 million (28%) of Twitter’s 67 million users are African American and 9.3 million (or 20% of all African Americans) are on or self-identify using Black Twitter.
  • African Americans 18+ are increasingly tuning into podcasts, with 70% growth in engagement from 2014 to 2017 (from 2.12 million to 3.60 million).
  • African Americans make up a significant portion of U.S. gamers. Seventy-three percent (73%) of African Americans 13 and older identify as gamers compared to 66% of the total population.
  • Sixty-one percent of African Americans agree that they enjoy learning about technology or electronics products from others (14% higher than for non-Hispanic whites), and 54% agree they enjoy reading about new technology products (8% higher).
  • One of the critical ways African Americans spend time online is food shopping. African Americans over-index against the total U.S. for dollars per buyer spent online in most grocery categories.
  • Meal kits are increasingly becoming an option for busy parents. African Americans over-index against non-Hispanic whites by 21% for agreeing they would consider buying meal kits. Some of African Americans’ most common determinants for buying meal kits are to save time on grocery shopping (40% vs. 29% for non-Hispanic whites), on meal prep and cooking (43% vs. 34%) and on meal planning (42% vs. 33%).

“The breadth of Black America’s digital footprint has grown exponentially with the rise of smartphone technology and increased access to new mediums for content exchange,” said Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code and a Nielsen External Advisory Council member. “The access to technology among Black consumers is a lightning rod for innovation that’s opening doors of opportunity to creativity, entrepreneurship and financial independence.”

For more details and insights, download From Consumers to Creators: The Digital Lives of Black Consumers at www.nielsen.com/africanamericans. Join the conversation on Facebook (Nielsen Community) and Twitter (@NielsenKnows) using #NielsenKnows #Consumers2Creators.

In 2011, Nielsen launched the Diverse Intelligence Series, a robust portfolio of comprehensive reports that focus solely on diverse consumers’ unique consumption and purchasing habits. The series has become an industry resource to help brands better understand and reach ethnic customers. To learn more about Nielsen’s Diverse Intelligence research series, visit www.nielsen.com.


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Revamped Nielsen Total Audience Report
Posted by:Consultant, August - 02 - 2018

Revamped Nielsen Total Audience Report Packages An Unprecedented Look At Audience Behavior

Today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) released a reimagined Nielsen Total Audience Report. The representative of first-quarter 2018, the industry-leading report offers a comprehensive view into the behaviors and stories developing across the dynamic media landscape. The Nielsen Total Audience Report expands upon its established cross-platform capabilities and provides a complete look at critical media sources and audience behaviors across both traditional and emerging platforms.

The redesigned report includes data on relevant subjects not featured in prior versions, including a detailed look at the usage of streaming content, as well as homes with a virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) that provide streaming access to linear television. Additionally, the report features enhanced data from Nielsen’s wide-ranging suite of measurement solutions. This includes Nielsen’s Total Media Fusion, a cross-platform respondent-level dataset that best reflects activity on digital devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as Nielsen’s MediaTech Tender, a quarterly consumer tracking survey launched in first-quarter 2018.

“The way people consume content is vastly different from what it was five years ago, let alone 10 or 20,” said Peter Katsingris, SVP, Audience Insights, Nielsen. “Consumers have the luxury of more options now than ever before. They can watch videos or listen to music on their smartphone and then just as easily engage with completely different content on their television or radio—the opportunities for how marketers can reach them are endless. Understanding the trends of who aisconsuming content, what they’re consuming, and how are the foundations of the industry. Nielsen is uniquely positioned to accurately help the media ecosystem understand these behaviors.”

With the advertising industry shifting and the evolving way, marketers connect to audiences, understanding the evolution of the media and developing consumer habits is vital to marketers and media owners seeking to reach their best consumer. The revamped Nielsen Total Audience Report seeks to not only make sense of the relationship between consumers and the various sources of media but ultimately build the bridges that will empower media companies and advertisers to take full advantage of the growing opportunities to reach audiences.

Nielsen is committed to providing accurate and reliable third-party measurement and insight. The inclusion of these new datasets and capabilities into this updated report helps align it better with the shifting dynamics of consumer media behavior.


  • 92% of U.S. adults listen to radio each week, the highest reach across platforms.
  • On average, U.S. adults are spending over 11 hours a day connected to linear and digital media and almost six hours a day with video alone.
  • Young adults 18-34 spend the largest percentage of time with TV-connected devices and digital devices compared to other demographics.
  • Black adults are the heaviest users of media overall. Compared to the overall U.S., Hispanics listen to more radio, and Asian Americans spend more time with computers and tablets.
  • Nearly three percent of TV homes subscribe to a vMVPD which includes “skinny bundles.”
  • Almost 20% of consumers say they use a smart speaker in the household.
  • Two-thirds of U.S. TV households have devices capable of streaming content to the TV set.
  • One out of 10 minutes of television use in streaming capable homes is streaming to the TV set.
  • Over 8 in 10 non-television households still view video content.

Download the report here.

SOURCE: Nielsen


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Nielsen Launches New Performance Testing Solution For Mobile Video
Posted by:Consultant, December - 08 - 2017

New offering provides clear understanding of network performance impacting consumer experiences with IP-based video delivery

Today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced the launch of Nielsen Mobile Video Performance, the industry’s first and most complete video performance evaluation solution for IP-based video content delivery. Developed for mobile operators, Internet service providers, device manufacturers and content providers, Nielsen Mobile Video Performance evaluates streaming video quality on mobile and WiFi networks, benchmarks data across the industry and rates individual players on the factors which contribute most to positive customer experiences.

According to the first quarter 2017 Nielsen Total Audience Report, monthly U.S. video consumption on smartphones jumped 81.5% year-over-year from 151 minutes in 2016 to 274 minutes in 2017. With mobile video viewing on the rise, the quality of the video experience is more important than ever. Companies that can consistently provide better streaming experiences than competitors have a distinct advantage in the fierce battle for subscriber acquisition and retention.

Nielsen Mobile Video Performance focuses on four key performance indicators that can make – or break – the video experience in the eyes of connected consumers:

  • Video resolution: Percent of viewing time in different viewing resolutions ranging from mobile (Low Definition) to HD (High Definition)
  • Startup time: The number of seconds it takes for video to load and play
  • Rebuffering: The total duration in seconds that the video stalls during playback
  • Video success rate:  Ability to launch and play a video in 60 seconds

Nielsen Mobile Video Performance leverages a panel of 70,000 U.S.-based participants to conduct a combination of active and passive video tests on mobile devices around the country. Nielsen’s passive testing method captures critical data on daily consumer mobile usage including network speeds of popular video platforms. Proprietary active testing techniques focus on the delivery and execution of pre-selected content centering on a resolution, startup-time, and stalls. Combined, these tests provide mobile operators, Internet service providers, device manufacturers and content providers a holistic view of network performance by region, consumer consumption intelligence as well as marketing insights to maximize ROI, inform product development and refine market segmentation.

“With the growth in mobile video usage, operators need to know how well they are meeting consumer demand,” said Mike Greenawald, Senior Vice President of Nielsen Service Quality. “Our initial results point to some wide variances in the ability to deliver high-quality video content consistently. As the industry’s first solution to evaluate video performance using active and passive techniques, mobile operators will now have the advantage of translating the benefits of fast speeds into high-quality consumer experiences.”

According to data gathered by Nielsen, the industry’s most notable mobile operators deliver HD (720p or greater) quality video 69% of the time. By contrast, services at the opposite end of the spectrum deliver HD quality video only 39% of the time. With the industry average at 53%, Nielsen Mobile Video Performance solution identifies which players are over-delivering and those that are heavily under-performing high-quality video experiences.

Diving deeper, Nielsen Mobile Video Performance data, based on 120,000 tests conducted on mobile devices from September through October 2017, reveals the following:

  • Consumers in OrlandoPortland and Seattle enjoy the best video viewing experiences, receiving HD video more often than consumers in New YorkLos Angeles, and San Francisco.
  • Consumers in Salt Lake CityLas Vegas and Houston actually receive HD video less often than the national average.

By providing an understanding of how mobile operators measure up against competitors and industry benchmarks in addition to how well they work in specific locations and on individual devices, Nielsen Mobile Video Performance enables customers to focus network, product and partnership initiatives effectively as well as highlight key benefits in marketing efforts. Using this intelligence, the mobile industry can directly address slow video load times, rebuffering and playback failure, which is a critical step to increasing video consumption and usage.

Nielsen Service Quality has provided network evaluation and insights to the mobile industry for more than 17 years, helping customers identify the key attributes that drive positive consumer experiences and exceed subscriber expectations. Click here for additional information on Nielsen Mobile Video Performance.


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